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Luigi's feelings by B-S-A Luigi's feelings by B-S-A
Hi everyone.
Well... Today I drawed a sad picture about Luigi.
I'm maybe are not so good to draw him, but I have always thinked some thoughts about him.
I mean... Sometime I see some bad pictures or movies about Luigi. Well... when they draw him in a ugly way or something like that.

And don't hate me, but I don't like when they do such a think like that to him... And don't only him. There's many more characters they irritate.

Like Christoffer Thorndyke from Sonic X. Why is he so bad? He's is a good guy. He saved Sonic from to be drowned in he's pool. And if Chris didn't saved Sonic and find he's friends, well... Where should they live when they was in Station Square without Sonic?

And Luigi is super. He is maybe weaker then Mario, but I think he is more brave. He saved he's brother from Bowser one time in Mario is Missing... And saved him again in Luigi's Mansion! And I hope Nintendo will make a another game with Luigi, but have to save Daisy instead. Maybe from King Boo again? (And I hope they will talk too :D).

And... this maybe is writed funny from me, but I think he can learn people to fight against their weakness and concentrate on the future. Just like he's doing now.
We all have weakness you know. I am scared of spiders, highes and... believe it or not, but I am scared of ghosts too. Just a little, but I believe in them. Weard I know, but is that a problem? Nope... And he is scared of ghosts. Is THAT a problem? NO!
And what is Mario's weakness?? I don't know, but it should have be fun to know it, right?

It's all from me right now, but I have some last words left.
Just think about what I writed down today. Even YOU must fight with you're weakness. All of us must do it.

When i'm thinking about it. Do you remember the episode from Sonic X when SONIC (sorry I wrote "he" before) was forced to go with his friends on a weekend to the glacier? He didn't liked it at all and wanted to go away from the boat, so he tricked his friends to turn the boat back to Station Square, but he learned something. He learned to relax and enjoy himself. Even on the open sea. (I think).

Well I think I must go to bed... but I will be thankful if you leaved a comment about this. See ya!

Well, it's have been a while and now I have over 600 views, almost 40 comments and around 20 favourites on this pic... thanks you so much :D
I didn't knew that so many of you would like this pic and that you feel the same like I do about Luigi (and the other characters). So I wanted to thank you all!!! :glomp:

But... *takes a deep breath*... I feeled that I haven't said everything about this, so I did a video about it.
It's on YouTube and it's called "My Thoughts About Luigi" (I send a journal about it before).
I wanted to say about this too on youtube (and wanted to talk everything)... here's the link if you want to see it: [link]

Anyway... I thank you all, THANK YOU!!! :w00t:

**Edit 2... IMPORTANT!!!!!**
Okay, Now I must tell you something important... that "he is maybe weaker"... well, we all know he's NOT weaker than Mario, I didn't doubled checked the text ^^;
I know that he is not weak, so please forgive me that I wrote that!!
And well, one of you who comment said that, so I fully agree... he can problably kick my butt :x
.........or better if you hate me that much after I wrote that, I CAN KILL MYSELF!!!! :XD: :stab:
(I don't want to be dead, but I feel quite bad :()
.......FORGIVE ME LUIGI!!!!!! :cries:

*EDIT- 11-03-2010*
Added my nickname in this pic... 'cause of art-stealing! (If someone would suddenly steal this)

*EDIT- 23-06-2010*
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September 12, 2008
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